Turkey Day Headband



Happy Thanksgiving from TaylorMade!

This holiday headband is so cute, you’ll want to gobble it up!

Don’t stress about the Turkey –

Celebrate this holiday with a custom headband

that doesn’t take all day to prepare.



Headband (preferably the color you would like so you don’t have to cover it with ribbon)

Thick Black Grosgrain Ribbon

Small Hat (or save time with this hat)

Feather Boa (or find here)

White Felt

– Mini Turkey (Optional)

– Hot Glue Gun

– Scissors

Skeleton Shirt


Happy Halloween! Creep it real tonight with

This xtra spooky X-ray skeleton shirt!




– Black Shirt

Iron-On Transfer Sheets

– Printer

– Scissors

– Iron

– Parchment Paper

– Cardboard (Optional)


– Print out the design on the iron-on transfer sheets following the instructions on the package. Here is the image I used or search online for other spooky images.

– It’s important to use the right iron-on sheets for the color of the shirt you are using. If you’re using a dark shirt, get the sheets for dark clothing.

– Cut out the designs as close to the edge of the image as possible. You don’t want any white outlines on your image.

– Lay out the peace signs. Peel off the paper backing of the iron-ons and reposition. Put a piece of parchment paper over the iron-ons.

– Iron the peace signs to the shirt according to the instructions on the package.

– The iron-on sheets that I use require an empty iron, NO steam, and set to the hottest setting.

– I always put a piece of cardboard in between the shirt to prevent the iron-on from sticking to the back of the shirt.

Skull Planter DIY

Make no bones about it!
This is one Halloween decoration I will be
Leaving out all year long!
This succulent skull vase won’t suck any time
Away from your frightful festivities.
Skull Candy Dish, vase or jar (Found at Michael’s® ON SALE for $1.99! Whaaat?!)
– Succulent



– Line the bottom of the vase with small floral rocks.


– This is to keep the excess water from over-saturating the soil for the succulent.

– Put some of the cactus/succulent soil in the vase. Don’t fill it all the way yet. Leave about an inch.


– Don’t use regular plant soil. The succulent soil has small rocks and is a dryer soil to help the succulent thrive.

– Using a couple fingers, dig a small hole in the center of the soil for the succulent.


– Carefully break up the roots on the succulent and shake off the excess soil. Put the succulent in the hole and gently pack the soil around it.

– Continue to add more soil to the top of the vase.


– You don’t want to firmly pack the soil but you want the succulent to be secure in the soil.

– Wait a day or two to water it. I would suggest misting the succulent with a spray bottle. They don’t like a lot of water but they do like a lot of sunlight.

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