Shine Bright Like a Diamond



Diamond (patches) are a girl’s best friend.

Who’s with me?!

These flats are easy to make and even easier to change according to your mood!

Put your heart on your…shoe ūüėČ



– Shoes (I love the look of these smoking flats. They’re rom DSW)

Appliqués, embroidered patches

Fabric Glue




– With the fabric glue, glue one side of a velcro dot or two onto the center of the shoe. Put the patch on the shoe and estimate where to match the other side of the velcro. Glue the velcro to the patch.

– With other patches, glue the opposite side of the velcro as the shoe onto another patch and interchange!

It’s as simple as that!

Champagne Cork Board


Last post of 2017! What a year it has been!

Put a cork in 2017 with this DIY

Save the cork from this year’s New Years toast


Shadow Box Frame (Mine measures 18″ x 9″ x 2″)

– Hot Glue Gun

Champagne Corks (I used about 125 corks)

– Feel free to use wine corks.

– I scored this lot of corks at the Brimfield Antique Show¬†in Brimfield, MA but look around on Ebay¬ģ


– Flip the frame over to take the glass out of the frame. Replace the back board.

– Flip right side up and start hot gluing the champagne corks to the board (that’s basically the only step!).

– Look on the bottom of the corks, too! Some have pretty designs on the bottom, which would be nice to show off!

– Continue until the entire frame is filled.

– Hang and pop the bubbly!

*** Make tacks out of the extra corks! ***

Simply cut cork in half and hot glue to the back of a thumb tack ūüėČ


Wishing you a safe and happy New Year!

Gift Bow Holiday Headband



We’re in the final stretch!

Only a few hours left until Santa comes down the chimney!

Are you ready for your Christmas celebrations?

Wrap yourself in something cute with this last minute DIY!


Giant Gift Bow


X-Acto¬ģ Knife¬†or Scissors



– Flip the bow over. Cut the¬†paper backing down to a small square (approximately¬†2″).

– Cut slits perpendicular to the staple on both sides. Cut them¬†long enough for the headband to fit through (approximately¬†1/2″). Don’t cut too close to the edge to avoid ripping the paper in the next step (about¬†1″ from the edge).

РSlide the headband through the slits. I left my bow at more of an angle instead of placing it directly in the center.

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